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Choosing a Tree Service Company

PRV Tree Service can help you maintain the health of your trees. They can trim and remove dead or damaged branches, as well as inspect and treat diseased trees. They can also reduce hazards such as girdling roots and falling limbs.

Tree Service

Word of mouth and referrals are the main ways that tree services get business. However, it’s still important to research the company before hiring them.

Tree services are one of the most popular industries today, with a market size exceeding $25 billion. This sector provides a wide range of services, including pruning, trimming, and removal. However, selecting the right tree service can be challenging. You should look for businesses that are accredited by the BBB and have a good reputation in the industry.

A BBB-accredited tree service will provide expert care for your trees and landscape. They will prune your trees and shrubs, removing dead limbs and branches to reduce your risk of damage during storms. They can also help you find the best location for your trees to maximize sunlight and promote healthy growth.

A tree service should have general liability insurance that covers damage to third parties caused by its employees or while working on a customer’s property. This type of coverage typically has a limit of up to $1 million and protects the tree service against lawsuits. In addition, tree services should have workers’ compensation coverage to pay for injuries suffered by employees while on the job. This is a state-mandated requirement in most states and protects the tree service against lawsuits by injured individuals.

In addition to general liability and workers’ compensation, tree services should have business property insurance to cover their equipment and other assets. This policy pays for damages incurred from theft, fire, or weather damage to their tools of the trade and other assets. It’s also important for tree services to have commercial auto coverage to cover their vehicles in case of an accident while driving to and from jobs.

Another essential item for tree service companies to have is professional liability insurance. This type of coverage protects the tree service against claims for providing bad advice or negligence that results in a client’s loss. This type of insurance is usually offered as an add-on to the standard general liability policy.

When selecting a tree service, it’s important to request proof of insurance prior to signing a contract. This should include a copy of the company’s insurance certificate, with the policy number and limits clearly written on it. This will help prevent fraudulent certificates from being presented to clients.

In order to ensure that your company has the appropriate amount of insurance, it’s recommended to contact a commercial insurance expert. These specialists have experience matching tree care businesses with the appropriate policies. They can help you determine the amount of coverage needed for general liability, workers’ compensation, business property, and commercial auto. They can also assist with specialty items like surety bonds and umbrella policies.


Having the right credentials in the field of tree care can make a huge difference in the quality of the work performed. There are many different organizations that offer certifications in the field of arboriculture. These organizations are committed to ensuring that the people who hold their certifications are competent and trained professionals. This ensures that the work they perform is high-quality and follows best practices.

ISA, an international organization that promotes the advancement of arboriculture, offers three different types of credentials to professionals who perform tree services. These credentials are based on the specific type of work that is performed and require the individual to pass an intensive exam. A professional who holds these certificates is a true expert in their field and can provide the best service possible.

The ISA Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist credential is the most common and applies to individuals who do a great deal of climbing in their work. This credential requires participants to complete an online course and take both a field and a written exam. The field exam tests a candidate’s ability to evaluate trees for safety concerns, identify potential hazards, and make recommendations on how to minimize risks.

Another important credential is the ISA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional designation. This certification shows that a tree trimming service is dedicated to worker safety and follows the necessary precautions when working on trees. This includes training in the use of equipment like wood chippers, power saws, climbing equipment, and hoist tools. It also teaches workers how to safely operate aerial lifts and how to prepare for hazardous weather conditions.

Most states have requirements for companies to be licensed to operate in their area. These licenses serve as proof that a company has been approved by the state to provide tree services. It also indicates that the company has met all state requirements and understands the laws regarding which trees can be removed and which cannot.

Lastly, a good tree service should have a registered consulting arborist on staff. A RCA is someone who has gone through extensive training and can recommend the best options for the health of your trees. They are a valuable asset for any property owner and can help you maintain your landscape while keeping it safe.


Choosing a business structure is an important first step in starting a tree service company. The legal entity you choose will affect your tax situation, liabilities, and other facets of your company. You should consult with an accountant or attorney to determine the best structure for your company. Some options include a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. You should also consider the name of your company carefully. It should be professional, easy to remember, and convey a clear idea of what your company does.

Your marketing budget is another critical factor when starting a tree service. It is important to invest in both online and offline marketing methods. This will help you get noticed by potential customers and increase the likelihood of winning their business. It is also a good idea to establish a website and social media page for your business.

In addition to your website, your tree service marketing efforts should include local advertising and promotions. For example, you can place an ad in your local newspaper or offer free estimates. Moreover, you can also distribute fliers and business cards to potential customers. These promotional materials should contain your contact information and a description of the services you offer.

Whether you are just beginning or already have a successful tree service, it’s important to understand your competitors. This will help you decide how to market your business and what strategies will work for you. You can also learn from the mistakes of your competitors and use them to improve your own business.

One of the most effective ways to grow your tree service business is by getting referrals. This can be difficult, but it’s essential to building your reputation. To find the right clients, you’ll need to do your research and ask for referrals from people you trust. You can also reach out to local organizations that provide tree care services and ask them for referrals.

It’s also important to make sure that your tree service has the proper equipment and training to do a great job. For example, will they be using a crane for large jobs or will they be climbing trees? A reputable tree service will be able to answer these questions. It’s also a good idea to compare different estimates from different companies. This will give you a better idea of the quality of their work.